Neurofeedback, also called neurobiofeedback or neurotherapy, is a method in which you learn to train your brain to focus. Unlike “brain training” games, neurofeedback uses visually pleasant patterns that occur when the individual learns to focus and direct their attention accordingly.  Neurofeedback works on the electric impulses of the brain and is also called EEG biofeedback, because of the use of an electroencephalogram, a device in which small diodes are placed on the head to measure brain activity.

It sounds very high tech, and in a sense, it is.  It teaches the brain how to properly regulate things like attention and focus, and it is very useful for patients with ADD, ADHD and certain learning disabilities. In these cases, the brain’s “wiring” tends to misfire or overcompensate by turbocharging areas of the brain responsible for activity and inattention. This is why many children with ADD or ADHD are labeled as hyper, overactive or simply children with “behavioral difficulties” when, in many cases, they’re unable to control themselves any more than an adult to stifle a sneeze or a yawn.

There are a wide range of conditions that have been successfully treated using neurofeedback, including anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, migraines, sleep disorders and more.  By teaching the brain how to properly regulate itself and focus, neurofeedback helps treat the underlying causes of these conditions rather than masking the symptoms, as medications often do.

To learn more about how neurofeedback combined with neuro-cognitive  training can be used to help you, a family member or a child, please contact ACE Clinics for a consultation.  Our specially trained professionals will conduct a preliminary test to determine any issues or difficulties you may be struggling with regarding, concentration, learning, focus, memory and more.  We’ll then create a comprehensive training program to help restore optimal brain function.

We are currently the only clinic to offer a combined clinic/at home program that will save you a lot of time and money. Please call us for further details.


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