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Note: Our services are not covered by OHIP. The cost for the complete assessment is $495 (plus HST) and it includes all the steps from intake to a full clinical interview. We offer the most advanced assessment in the field. The assessment, which includes an online neuro-cognitive module (can be completed by children or adults) will enable us to determine in great accuracy cognitive deficiencies you or your child may have, and we will make specific recommendations in terms of how to improve or even resolve these difficulties. We will be able to tell with you great accuracy, based on the finding, how you process information as well what aspects of your memory, concentration, and executive functions need to be strengthened.

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  • If the assessment is for someone else
    The cost of the complete assessment including a clinical interview is $495 plus tax=$559.35
    The cost of the assessment does not include a written report. We separated the cost because not everyone needs it. There are two options: 1. Summary report - the cost is: $150+tax=$169.50 2. Detailed report - the cost is $250+tax=$282.50 Note 1: the cost of the report is refundable is case you decide at the end of the assessment that you do not need it Note 2: the report can also be ordered after the assessment is completed.
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