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The following are reviews from individuals who went through our unique neuro-cognitive assessment:


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by Belina Sabavillo-Bush on ACEclinics
Age: For a 10 Year Old

Very informative learning experience. Gained an understanding of the issues.

by Evan O'Grady on ACEclinics
Age: A 23 Year Old

I was extremely impressed and excited to begin training after completing the assessment. I was particularly impressed by Bob Gottfried's accuracy in outlining core problems I have been experiencing.

by Jodi Binning on ACEclinics
A 42 Year Old

Very educational.

by Karyn Onorati on ACEclinics
For a 10 Year Old

It was very interesting and informative! The assessment provided a lot of answers to questions we had about Ella's learning disability. It was a very positive experience!

by Ryan P. Benoit on ACEclinics
A 28 Year Old

Great! I learned a lot about myself.

by M. Fulek on ACEclinics
For a 16 Year Old

Learned a lot about the program and brain functions.

by Daniela Gitto on ACEclinics
A 24 Year Old

It was very informative and emotional. Thank you.

by Teddy Gousopoulos on ACEclinics
A 19 Year Old

Very informative, interesting, and I learned a lot.

by John Alarcon on ACEclinics
For a 15 Year Old

It was great. We are really excited about the expectations on improvement.

by Michelle Giancroce on ACEclinics
A 29 Year Old

Very informative.

by Mohamad Abou Ali on ACEclinics
A 23 Year Old

Very interesting and insightful.

by Hashem Maqtash on ACEclinics
A 19 Year Old

The assessment was so beneficial. It let me realize that there is hope.

by Karmit on ACEclinics
For a 9 Year Old

An amazing eye opener. Good knowledge.

by Lucas Serpa on ACEclinics
A 22 Year Old

It was very helpful. It taught me lots about the way I think, how I use my brain, and also how to help me.

by Nadia Pervez on ACEclinics
For a 9 Year Old

Informative. Helpful. Interesting. Gave an insight on how the brain works.

by Lamyae Lozano on ACEclinics
An Adult

Very informative.

by Valerie McBride on ACEclinics
For a 78 Year Old

Very good - felt quite comfortable.

by Andrea Vento on ACEclinics
For a 9 Year Old

Engaging and informative for my child. The clinician was very patient and understanding.

by Olubumni Asa on ACEclinics
For An 11 Year Old

Excellent! Pointed out all the challenges with the child.

by Talar Drover on ACEclinics
For a 6 Year Old

Very enlightening, Informational, and exciting knowing that there are other options for training the brain.

by Alex Hung on ACEclinics
A 24 Year Old

The clinician is very patient and easy to talk to. He seems very knowledgable and helpful.

by Caroline Armstrong on ACEclinics
For a 16 Year Old

Very informative and described the difficulties that were being experienced.

by Diane Hall on ACEclinics
For a 28 Year Old

Great, effective. My son appears to feel very comfortable with the clinician and the program. I have full confidence that this service can help both my son and my family.

by Diana Kladnitski on ACEclinics
For an 8 Year Old

It was very educational and interesting.

by Ellen Dean on ACEclinics
For an 11 Year Old

Thorough, educational, informative. I like the fact that there is a solution; not just identifying the problems or weaknesses.

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