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The following are reviews from individuals who went through our unique neuro-cognitive assessment:


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by Tony Iunni on ACEclinics
Age: A 54 Year Old

Excellent and very helpful.

by Jason Tashi on ACEclinics
Age: 46 Years Old

It was interesting!

by Marisa Genuis on ACEclinics
Age: A 31 Year Old

Very interesting and helpful.

by Brooke Lofsky on ACEclinics
Age: For an 11 Year Old

Excellent. Very helpful to see what was assessed. Learned about brain function.

by Mrs. Al-Maini on ACEclinics
Age: For a 12 Year Old

Great session, well explained and felt comfortable with the options provided for training.

by Abraham Ayoub on ACEclinics
Age: For an 8 Year Old

Very educational and enlightening. Very beneficial and was able to come to a conclusion about the core of the problem.

by Karla and Zac on ACEclinics
Age: For a 12 Year Old

Very informative and left us with confidence that meaningful gains can be made where several years of treatment has fallen short.

by Rosina Kharal on ACEclinics
Age: For a 15 Year Old

I thought it was super interesting. I did feel that a full report should have been included in the base price, but Bob allowing my doctor to call in was helpful.

by Joao Goncalves on ACEclinics
Age: A 40 Year Old

Very informative and clearly explained.

by Dal El on ACEclinics
Age: For a 12 Year Old

Understood the basis of testing. hopeful of results, encouraging; appreciated the time spent answering my questions.

by L. Cameron on ACEclinics
Age: For a 10 Year Old

It was very interesting and accurate compared to what we see in his daily behaviour. It also gave us so much hope for significant improvement for him.

by Grace Guo on ACEclinics
Age: For a 9 Year Old

Very good

by Debbie Mohammed on ACEclinics
Age: For a 10 Year Old

Interesting and informative to learn more about my son and how he can get help towards his academic life and life on the whole. Also, for me as a mother, how to deal with him with more patience.

by Dawn Rocchetti on ACEclinics
Age: A 34 Year Old

I think the assessment was very thorough, helpful, and explained in detail.

by Shabitha B. on ACEclinics
Age: For a 9 Year Old

The assessment was very educational. It was quick and informative. Bob did a good job of informing me about my son's issues.

by Harris Lusher on ACEclinics
Age: A 65 Year Old

Comprehensive. Answered and confirmed issues that I have.

by Belina Sabavillo-Bush on ACEclinics
Age: For a 10 Year Old

Very informative learning experience. Gained an understanding of the issues.

by Evan O'Grady on ACEclinics
Age: A 23 Year Old

I was extremely impressed and excited to begin training after completing the assessment. I was particularly impressed by Bob Gottfried's accuracy in outlining core problems I have been experiencing.

by Jodi Binning on ACEclinics
A 42 Year Old

Very educational.

by Karyn Onorati on ACEclinics
For a 10 Year Old

It was very interesting and informative! The assessment provided a lot of answers to questions we had about Ella's learning disability. It was a very positive experience!

by Ryan P. Benoit on ACEclinics
A 28 Year Old

Great! I learned a lot about myself.

by M. Fulek on ACEclinics
For a 16 Year Old

Learned a lot about the program and brain functions.

by Daniela Gitto on ACEclinics
A 24 Year Old

It was very informative and emotional. Thank you.

by Teddy Gousopoulos on ACEclinics
A 19 Year Old

Very informative, interesting, and I learned a lot.

by John Alarcon on ACEclinics
For a 15 Year Old

It was great. We are really excited about the expectations on improvement.

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