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by Charlie Liu on ACEclinics
Age: A 15 Year Old

I learned a lot about why it's hard for me to try hard and focus in class.

by Taehan Kim on ACEclinics
Age: A 34 Year Old

Educational - Clear explanation - Understood my symptoms

by Payton Ramirez on ACEclinics
Age: A 24 Year Old

I enjoyed the assessment. I found it interesting and helpful.

by Behnaz Samavat on ACEclinics
Age: A 46 Year Old

Great! I liked it. I trust Bob and believe that he can help me.

by Lilian Adusei on ACEclinics
Age: A 37 Year Old

Eye-opening and informative. Illuminated several issues concerning neurological vs. intellectual weakness and challenges. Very fascinating assessment. I learned a lot about myself that can, hopefully, start me on the path to cognitive/neurological strengthening.

by Kyle Head on ACEclinics
Age: A 26 Year Old


by Shannon Groulx on ACEclinics
Age: A 41 Year Old

Very informative and learned a lot about myself.

by James Martin-Carman on ACEclinics
Age: A 60 Year Old

Very interesting, informative, and hopeful. I feel like I now understand myself a lot better.

by Jodie Huynh on ACEclinics
Age: A 15 Year Old

It was fine. It explained a lot to me and helped me understand what was going on with my brain.

by Gregory Agbonbhase on ACEclinics
Age: A 40 Year Old

It was great and enlightening.

by Max Choi on ACEclinics
Age: A 22 Year Old

Extremely accurate, a few simple tests were able to give a description of my issues with stunning accuracy. It's like Bob has known me my whole life.

by John Bruyea on ACEclinics
Age: A 19 Year Old

Very helpful, lots of information.

by Christine Snyder on ACEclinics
Age: For a 6 Year Old

Excellent - Explained many things and I liked how objective the results were.

by Shoba Balasubramanian on ACEclinics
Age: For a 15 Year Old

A very accurate assessment. It was very informative and we learned where our child stands with his cognitive abilities. We are interested in improving his abilities.

by Amy Homer on ACEclinics
Age: A 23 Year Old

Interesting, thorough, and helpful.

by Antoine Baudouin on ACEclinics
Age: A 42 Year Old

Interesting - helpful - hope-giving.

by Jasmin Cheema on ACEclinics
Age: A 15 Year Old

Amazing. I learned a lot about my own brain.

by Christina Lamont on ACEclinics
Age: For a 6 Year Old

Very thorough, he highlighted the specific issues that my child is struggling with and identified the causes. I am happy to have a clear path to follow with therapy. Thank you.

by Miguel Nonaka on ACEclinics
Age: A 19 Year Old

I think it was a good assessment of my problems that I'm trying to fix.

by Ver Cher on ACEclinics
Age: For a 6 Year Old

Great! Very informative.

by Mahizer Lyons on ACEclinics
Age: An Adult

EXCELLENT - Bob has given me great hope! God bless him and his staff.

by Simone Zed on ACEclinics
Age: For a 6 Year Old

It explained a lot of the issues causing our child's behaviour.

by Angela Caceres on ACEclinics
Age: For a 12 Year Old

I think it was accurate. I feel that by simulating processes needed daily, it reflects more precisely where the difficulties could be.

by Matt Amanoll on ACEclinics
Age: For a 12 Year Old

Helpful to understand the situation.

by Gabrielle Posehn on ACEclinics
Age: A 17 Year Old

Very beneficial and I'm glad I did it.

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