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 by Margery Pimentel
Age: Adult (42)

It was really helpful and I am now able to understand what's going on with my cognitive function.

 by Leila Mofarah
Age: For a 6 y/o

It was done with good information provided for me to understand the process.

 by Deba Hafiza
Age: 30 y/o

It was eye-opening.
Would have liked more information on tips to help with how the program creates permanent change but overall informative.

 by Kali Marsh
Age: For a 14 y/o

AMAZING! Compassionate and non-pathologizing.

 by Aanya Sudharshan
Age: Child

It was really good. We got clarity about where our child needs help. We are convinced that this program will help our child.

 by Melissa
Age: For a 6 y/o

Very helpful and informative.

 by Lois MacKenzie
Age: For a 21 Year Old

I thought it was very thought-provoking in the way the information was delivered. The analogies were very helpful in understanding the way my son operates in the world. I enjoyed the tone of the conversation, the questions asked, assessment info delivery, future ways to assist, and the benefits one will see.

 by Marlon Ruiz
Age: Child - 9 y/o

Very thorough, informative, and concise.

 by Nelson Martins
Age: For a student - 17

Interesting concept.

 by Ben Yampolsky
Age: Adult - 19

Very educational.

 by Anushayana Gautam
Age: Adult - 28

Confirmed hesitation about condition
Felt heard
Thank you!

 by Cindy Brown for Raven
Age: 14 y/o

Very knowledgeable and hopeful. Gives me hope for my child's success in the future, socially and academically.

 by Sophie
Age: Child - 9

Very good and fun! Thank you so much. I feel excellent!

 by Tracy Figg
Age: Adult (34)

Mind opening and provided lots of useful information. Good to have a professional assessment of the issues.

 by Aaron Berhanu
Age: Child

I found it interesting and informative. As someone who has an interest in neuroscience, it was cool to hear about the inner clockwork of the brain and how it affects my younger brother.

 by Stephane Gomes
Age: Adult (25)

Very helpful and eye-opening

 by Salina Robin
Age: Adult

It was great. Very thorough.

 by Zalma Dahir
Age: Adult (21)

Very informative and puts things into perspective. Overall, very professional.

 by Jazz De Lalune
Age: Adult (28)

Super informative! Completely spot-on in terms of aligning with my experience.

 by Sharan Muhhuku
Age: Adult (21)

Great! Was able to detect the deficiencies in my neuro activity and offer some solutions.

 by Carlos Reyes
Age: Adult (22)

I thought it was helpful to see in a physical number how my focus was affected (when processing info).

 by Lucia Cnota
Age: For a 13 year old

I am impressed by the patient and warm approach and the reasonable explanation of the process that causes underlying issues. So glad we came for an assessment. I am very positive about the changes that the program will surely bring. Thank you.

 by Sarah Woolson
Age: Adult

I thought it was very informative and relieving. Multiple tests/assessments were involved making me feel confident in the results and accuracy. I learned how my brain works on a deeper level and what is cognitively causing me difficulties in my day-to-day life. I also learned what I can do to improve my symptoms.

 by Kellly Wibowo
Age: Adult (18 )

Friendly and explained very well

 by Destiny Isaacson
Age: 31

It was good and gave me a lot of information about myself.

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