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The following are reviews from individuals who went through our unique neuro-cognitive assessment:


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by Anthony Vecchiotelli on ACEclinics
Age: A 21 Year old

Very informative.

by Will Clark on ACEclinics
Age: A 15 Year Old

Good assessment. Fun games.

by Benjamin Stone on ACEclinics
Age: A 42 Year Old

I felt the assessment was unique and I did not have any specific expectations; however, Bob is an incredible clinician. I appreciated his approach and demeanor. I am grateful that I found ACEclinics.

by Primela Agustin on ACEclinics
Age: A 44 Year Old

Very informative. I learned a lot and am excited about the help.

by Erik Rushanyan on ACEclinics
Age: A 14 Year Old

I thought it was very good and I am happy that I came.

by Katie & Alistair Coulthard on ACEclinics
Age: For a 9 Year Old

Efficient, different, and informative. Clearly got to the root of the problem(s) as the brief test made our son very tired.

by Sara Maltese on ACEclinics
Age: A 23 Year Old

Very informative and educational. Gave me hope for my future.

by Irene Peters on ACEclinics
Age: For a 57 Year Old

I was happy to be able to sit in on my brother's assessment and could see how it all works.

by Penny Macri on ACEclinics
Age: A 45 Year Old

I was very impressed with Bob and the assessment. He was very kind and took the time to listen to all my concerns. My results were spot on to what I thought. I'm very excited to get started.

by Andy Melnyk on ACEclinics
Age: A 53 Year Old

Fantastic! Fully understand.

by Sarah Feddern on ACEclinics
Age: For a 7 Year Old

I am impressed that the assessment told us what I knew and that there is a way to strengthen my child's brain to help him to become the person I know he can be.

by Vikas Nayak on ACEclinics
Age: A 37 Year Old

It was very useful and gave me a lot of insight on how I could improve my day to day life.

by Amarys Harding- Salazar on ACEclinics
Age: An 18 Year Old

The assessment was very helpful. I can better understand why I struggle in school and can now take the steps to fix this problem.

by Paulo Silva on ACEclinics
Age: For a 12 Year Old

Very good and helpful.

by Shannon Smith on ACEclinics
Age: An 18 Year Old

I think it was a great assessment and it gave me a good idea of how my brain functions.

by Eda Demirci on ACEclinics
Age: A 19 Year Old

Amazing, very happy about everything and the results. Bob was kind and understanding. It went so well I shed a tear.

by A. Wee on ACEclinics
Age: For a 13 Year Old

Very thorough - Explained well - All questions were answered

by Allison McGregor on ACEclinics
Age: For a 7 Year Old

Well explained.

by Mitchell Knon on ACEclinics
Age: A 36 Year Old

Very informative.

by Michael Caputo on ACEclinics
Age: A 29 Year Old

Excellent attention to detail from a pioneer/leading expert. Most importantly, this clinician cares a great deal about his patients' outcomes. It's obvious from the moment meeting him that he's passionate about his work.

by Charlie Liu on ACEclinics
Age: A 15 Year Old

I learned a lot about why it's hard for me to try hard and focus in class.

by Taehan Kim on ACEclinics
Age: A 34 Year Old

Educational - Clear explanation - Understood my symptoms

by Payton Ramirez on ACEclinics
Age: A 24 Year Old

I enjoyed the assessment. I found it interesting and helpful.

by Behnaz Samavat on ACEclinics
Age: A 46 Year Old

Great! I liked it. I trust Bob and believe that he can help me.

by Kyle Head on ACEclinics
Age: A 26 Year Old


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