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by Angela Caceres on ACEclinics
Age: For a 12 Year Old

I think it was accurate. I feel that by simulating processes needed daily, it reflects more precisely where the difficulties could be.

by Matt Amanoll on ACEclinics
Age: For a 12 Year Old

Helpful to understand the situation.

by Gabrielle Posehn on ACEclinics
Age: A 17 Year Old

Very beneficial and I'm glad I did it.

by Richard MacLean on ACEclinics
Age: A 23 Year Old

Thorough and professional. Bob was very helpful and showed me genuine care and concern. He took note of my concerns and provided great feedback.

by Zuhaib Hanif on ACEclinics
Age: A 25 Year Old

It was good.

by Raj Singh on ACEclinics
Age: For a 6 Year Old

Great, informative, and educational.

by R. O'Connell on ACEclinics
Age: For a 10 Year Old

Insightful and consistent with our observations and previous assessment. Feeling hopeful for our son. 🙂

by Bruce Robertson on ACEclinics
Age: A 59 Year Old


by Mahima Sharma on ACEclinics
Age: For a 6 Year Old

Very educational and well explained.

by Jenn Low on ACEclinics
Age: For a 32 Year Old

Very insightful. A lot of information to process at once. I am very excited to train my brain!

by Michael Hyman on ACEclinics
Age: A 45 Year Old

Very interesting. A lot to digest.

by Mosumola Akintunde on ACEclinics
Age: For a 12 Year Old

It went well. Learned a few things about the brain function.

by Wang Lijuan on ACEclinics
Age: For a 6 Year Old

It is straightforward and right to the core problems of the frontal lobe. I trust the expertise in the process of the assessment.

by Charlotte Woo on ACEclinics
Age: A 21 Year Old

Did my test thoroughly - Understanding - Patient - Kind - Nice - To the point

by Kristine Preuthun on ACEclinics
Age: For a 7 Year Old

Very informative and we learned a lot more about our child's cognitive issues. It was explained in terms we understood.

by Sophia Komitas on ACEclinics
Age: An 11 Year Old

I think it was amazing! Also, it was fun and I also thought this will be super helpful and already felt that it was working.

by R. Pixley on ACEclinics
Age: For a 6 Year Old

Having definitive quantifiable metrics will help to ensure we are taking the best steps to ensure our child has the skills and resiliency needed to weather any difficulties.

by Paola Sotomayor on ACEclinics
Age: A 44 Year Old

Liked how everything was explained in great detail.

by Connor Scott on ACEclinics
Age: A 15 Year Old

The assessment was very interesting and I learned a lot about how the brain works and how your ADHD works,

by Tony Iunni on ACEclinics
Age: A 54 Year Old

Excellent and very helpful.

by Jason Tashi on ACEclinics
Age: 46 Years Old

It was interesting!

by Marisa Genuis on ACEclinics
Age: A 31 Year Old

Very interesting and helpful.

by Brooke Lofsky on ACEclinics
Age: For an 11 Year Old

Excellent. Very helpful to see what was assessed. Learned about brain function.

by Mrs. Al-Maini on ACEclinics
Age: For a 12 Year Old

Great session, well explained and felt comfortable with the options provided for training.

by Abraham Ayoub on ACEclinics
Age: For an 8 Year Old

Very educational and enlightening. Very beneficial and was able to come to a conclusion about the core of the problem.

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