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We are very proud of our high rate of success when working with ADHD and LD individuals – both children and adults. From time to time, our patients tell us remarkable stories about their improvement.

“One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made”


I can confidently say that working with your programs was one of the best decisions I have ever made in the area of treatment options for my clients. I have been using the programs regularly with my young clients, and the progress that they have made is nothing short of a miracle.

The results are measurable and observable not just by myself but by teachers and family members. This is certainly a breakthrough in the field of attention deficit and learning disabilities.

– Dr. P. Bell (Psychologist)

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We have several video testimonials documenting our great success

Rachel – child ADHD


Rachel was referred to us by a teacher who observed good results with one of her students who had come to our clinic for treatment a year prior. Rachel had moderate symptoms of hyperactivity and severe symptoms of inattention. She suffered from frequent headaches, and occasionally wet her bed at night.

After being assessed, we put her on our home program using neuro-cognitive software developed at our clinic specifically for ADHD. Within 3 weeks, her parents noticed an improvement in her hyperactivity and ability to pay attention. She became more organized, naturally, without any pressure to do so from her parents. She described her brain to be “awake” – a description we often get from individuals who have been on our program for a while. Her headaches improved as well.

Six weeks after she started the program, her parents reported further improvement. Rachel needed less time and less help to complete her homework, and she completely stopped wetting her bed. 8 months later, she not only significantly improved her ADHD related symptoms, but she was completely free of headaches, enjoyed improved confidence, and didn’t need extra help with her homework.

Tamara – Adult ADHD


Tamara, an office manager in a consulting firm was depressed for some time. Her productivity at work went down because she was not able to focus well. She developed debilitating anxiety related to her poor job performance. Tamara suffered from ADHD, as a child but learned to cope with it. However, in her late thirties things seemed to deteriorate and her ability to process and retain information diminished. In addition, she reported a number of failed relationships and difficulties making sound decisions.

Within two months of training, Tamara reported a big improvement in her ability to focus. Her memory improved as well, and she was able to retain and process information more effectively.

About 4 months after starting the program in our clinic, she received positive comments from her boss about improvement in organizing her work and completing tasks on schedule. Her mood improved as well, and her depression had lifted. Tamara completed the program in about 5 months. She reported feeling happier and calmer.



1. Improving her cognitive abilities helped Tamara in improving her focus, memory and information processing. This improved her self-confidence and self-esteem, which directly improved her mood and outlook on life.

2. Our programs help in improving all executive functions such as behavior control, decision-making, organizing and prioritizing. In Tamara’s case she was able to apply better judgment, make sound decisions and better organize her life.

3. ADHD is a major condition that can generate secondary conditions such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, low productivity and more. Many times, ADHD individuals are misdiagnosed with depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar and even personality disorder, when their real problem is ADHD. Once these individuals address their primary problem, the secondary conditions diminish or at the very least improve too.



Our program trains an individual with ADHD to accomplish the following:


  1. Improve brainwave activity to support beta waves associated with good focus and concentration. This is what most drugs do with two major differences. Drugs can only improve the problem temporarily and a person has to keep taking them. Neuro-cognitive training helps the brain making permanent changes. The second difference is that medication, more often than not, generates unwanted side effects, whereas neuro-cognitive training does not.
  2.  Improve all the core cognitive skills (see the complete list of benefits)


Will the changes stay?


Yes. Learning cognitive skills is like learning any skill, for instance, how to ride a bike. Once a person knows how to ride a bike, there will never be a need to re-learn the skill.

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