Professional Endorsements

“I Have Observed Bob Gottfried’s Expertise in Treating Head and Brain Injured Patients and ADHD and LD Children, with Great Success. Patients Have Done Extremely Well with his Innovative Programs.”


I have known Bob for 25 years and over this time have observed his expertise in treating head and brain injured patients as well as ADHD and LD children, with tremendous success. We have documented many patients who have done extremely well using his unique neuro-cognitive programs developed at the ACE clinic.

I highly recommend his programs because they can be used by individuals seeking help in correcting cognitive deficiencies and in optimizing brain function. They would, no doubt, prove to be invaluable for patients dealing with any type of cognitive problems.

– Dr. Gordon D. Ko, MD, CCFP(EM), FRCPC, PhD

Assistant Professor, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

University of Toronto

Significant Improvement in Patients’ Cognitive Abilities Which Resulted in a Better Response to My Treatments. I Strongly Recommend These Programs.”


“I have found Gottfried’s programs for improving patients’ memory and concentration to be very effective. As I continued treating my patients following Gottfried’s course of therapy I observed significant improvement in their cognitive abilities, which subsequently resulted in a better response to my treatments. I strongly recommend Gottfried’s programs.

As a medical practitioner who directly witnessed the benefits of this approach, I believe that his new memory and concentration programs’ contribution to improve the well being of patients experiencing cognitive problems will be extremely valuable.”

– Dr. Hanna Weidenfeld MD, ND

“Not Only Do I Send My Patients To Him, But I’ve Found Relief From His Treatment As Well!”


“For the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Bob who has treated many of my patients who also experienced memory and concentration problems) with positive results. Not only do I send my patients to him, but I myself have found relief from my own problems with his treatment.”

– Dr. Stewart L. Sigesmund DDS

“This is a First-Class Approach in Mind/Brain Technology. An Excellent Tool for Those Wanting to Improve Their Memory and Concentration.”


“I have known  Bob Gottfried for over 7 years and have observed the excellent results he achieved with numerous clients.  He uses a first class approach in mind/brain technology, based on his innovative approach to resolve cognitive difficulties that will no doubt prove to be an excellent tool for those wanting to improve their memory and concentration.”

– Dr. Morris Ray MD

“This Special System is Proving to Be Invaluable to Patients Suffering from Cognitive Problems.”


“Bob Gottfried’s ability, knowledge and special programs truly benefit patients who need help in optimizing brain function and enhancing their memory and concentration. This special system that he developed is proving to be invaluable to patients suffering from cognitive problems.”

– Dr. Ray Singh, President of Global Healthcare

“An Innovative and Effective Approach to Treating Very Difficult Symptoms in Patients with Complex Problems…It Has Had a Significant Impact on My Own Practice.”


“Bob has an innovative and effective approach to treating very difficult symptomatology in patients with complex problems. I have learned from his approach and this has had a significant impact on my own practice.”

– Dr. David Shulman MD CCFP

“Very Knowledgeable and Experienced. Actively Incorporates the Latest Research while Demonstrating Compassion, Caring and Kindness.”


I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Bob Gottfried for several years. I have referred many patients to him and have witnessed how he has helped them enormously. My patient’s positive experiences with Bob Gottfried stem from his unique abilities.

He is very knowledgeable and experienced and has actively incorporated the latest research into his clinical practice. Above all, he has always demonstrated compassion, caring and kindness to his patients. I would like to congratulate him for his accomplishment in this field.

– Dr. Julian Lo MD, FRCPC, FAAPMR

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