Our Story

ACEclinics was founded 25 years ago by Bob Gottfried Ph.D. for the purpose of improving people’s cognitive and neuro-cognitive abilities. With 30 years of clinical experience, Bob was in charge of the team that developed cutting edge neuro-cognitive approaches that are based on the latest in neuro-science and designed to help individuals suffering from cognitive deficiencies regardless of the source of the problem.

“I never meant to delve into this field, but my clients who came for help to better deal with their stress, anxiety and other mood-related challenges were also experiencing neuro-cognitive difficulties. Many suffered from attention deficits, learning disabilities, memory disorders, developmental disorders and such. Others sustained a head injury or were recovering from a stroke. They encouraged me to explore this area, and I am glad I did,” tells Bob Gottfried.

Bob was one of the first clinicians to introduce biofeedback and neurofeedback training in Toronto.  Based on his experience  and to offer a complete solution to an array of cognitive deficiencies, he began to develop assessment and training protocols that since then have helped thousands of people ages 6 to 85 improve their overall neuro-cognitive skills and abilities.”

His approach was so unique and innovative that he was granted a patent for his cognitive technology in 2014. Since then, through extensive research, he continued to perfect the technology offering unparalleled programs to help improve focus, concentration, attention, memory, executive functions, stress and mood management, and general health and well being.

“We use our expertise to change people’s lives,” Bob explains. “Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing children who stop struggling and begin to excel in school. University students who are able to complete their studies and people improving their work performance, even their relationships. I feel this great responsibility when someone puts their health and sometimes their entire future in my hands. But once I am able to help, it’s worth all the effort. I am always appreciative having the privilege to help people improve the quality of their lives,” Bob concludes.

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Our Mission


We are committed to providing high-quality services, based on cutting-edge research. Our services include assessments, treatments, education, training and counselling to individuals who have been suffering from neuro-cognitive difficulties, which have been adversely affecting their academic performance, professional and personal lives.


Our Vision


Becoming leaders in our field of expertise by providing comprehensive, respectful and compassionate service to individuals from all walks of life.


Our Values


*provide excellent care in our field of expertise

*commitment to respect individuality and diversity

*inspire hope and empower people through open and honest communication

“The assessment was an eye-opener. I have a better understanding of how the brain works. I also now know that there are solutions for people with learning disabilities”

Lucy Ng’ang’a

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