Learning Disabilities

What are Learning Disabilities?


Learning disabilities fall into two classes – verbal and non-verbal.  Verbal, as you might imagine, has to do with reading, spelling or speaking. Children with dyslexia are considered to have a verbal learning disability. Sometimes, a student can read well, but has trouble actually comprehending what they’ve read.

People with non-verbal learning disabilities have trouble processing what they’re seeing.  Advanced math concepts like fractions or ratios can be difficult for them.  Some people with these types of learning disabilities also have ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  They’re unusually active, and feel unable to control their outbursts in the classroom. They may be incorrectly labeled as children with “behavior problems” when they can’t actually help their actions, any more than you or I could help but sneeze or yawn.

Of course, kids are surprisingly good at hiding their struggles. They may joke around or ignore the problem and hope it goes away – but if left untreated, learning disabilities can have a significant impact on a child’s quality of life.  The best way to understand and work to remedy certain types of learning disabilities is by consulting with a trained specialist who understands how the brain works and how we learn.

Learning disabilities prevent the brain from properly organizing information so that it can be readily retrieved, or remembered–something like a computer that’s never been defragmented. Kids and adults with LD do not lack intelligence, but they may come to believe they’re stupid or lazy.

These learning disabilities include:

We have been doing this important work for over 20 years and successfully treated thousands of individuals with different processing difficulties.

ADD/ADHD and LD can all have a devastating effect on self esteem. Using the programs at ACE Clinics, you can help permanently repair and restore the brain’s natural ability to focus, concentrate and stay alert when necessary – all without medication and the harmful side effects it can bring.

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