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Asperger Syndrome is similar to autism in that it involves numerous developmental delays, including the ability to socialize with others, use one’s imagination and communicate.  Children with Asperger Syndrome often function better in social situations than children with autism.  They usually have trouble initiating or maintaining conversations and will sometimes showcase awkward behaviors like hand wringing, or need to do things in a particular order. On the other hand, they may show an almost obsessive interest in certain things, such as dates or the weather.  Some children with Asperger’s become exceptionally talented in a specific area, such as music.

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 If these symptoms are detected, a doctor will do a complete physical and neurological exam.  Sometimes, children with Asperger’s have difficulty coordinating their movements and may appear clumsy or awkward when moving.  Although there is no cure for Asperger’s, there are treatment options which can improve the child’s quality of life.  Certain treatment plans may include special education, behavior modification therapy, social skill therapies, occupational, speech or physical therapy and more.

Although people with Asperger syndrome may have trouble socializing well into adulthood, they nevertheless seem to develop normal intelligence and skills despite any learning difficulties they may encounter in early childhood. One treatment which has recently gained support in helping with Asperger’s is neuro-cognitive treatment, and when combined with a comprehensive neuro-cognitive training, it can produce significant results. This is essentially a type of highly specialized “brain training” which helps to improve focus, attentiveness and and even maturity, responsibility and communication skills.

If you or someone you love is affected by Asperger’s, it’s worth scheduling a consultation with ACE Clinics.  We specialize in non-prescription neuro-cognitive treatments which can help to improve and restore optimal brain function.

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