Memory Loss

Memory loss can be very debilitating and worrisome. Whether you find your memory slipping away because of an accident or as a result of aging, it’s not something you simply have to “live with” or “cope with” any longer!

Not being able to remember your grocery list when shopping or putting on two different coloured socks in the morning is perfectly normal. Everybody goes through temporary and brief memory “lapses” from time to time.

However, if your memory loss interferes with your day to day living it may indicate something more serious. Whether you’re concerned about memory loss from aging, MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment), or a stroke, you’ll be glad to know that all is not lost.

There are a number of drug free, non-invasive memory training techniques that bring about proven results in a short amount of time. Memory training in Toronto is offered by ACE Clinics to help repair the areas of the brain that have been damaged – whether by disease, stroke or simply aging. Just 20 minutes a day can help roll-back forgetfulness while helping improve your memory to its sharpest and finest in years. This special memory training to resolve memory loss is offered not only in Toronto, but any place with access to a computer using a unique training program and performed under clinical supervision.


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Real-Life Case Studies from Our Clients


Case Study: Jillian

Watch a video testimonial from Jillian, the victim of a traumatic car accident who has had a remarkable recovery thanks to ACE Clinics.

Case Study: Arnie and Jen*

Arnie and Jen*, 72 and 69 respectively, were a couple that had sustained mild injuries after a car accident. Both complained that their memory was affected as a result of the accident. They were both having problems remembering things they had to do in the near future – an area of memory we call prospective memory.

At their initial consultation with ACE Clinics, they expressed the frustration they had experienced when talking to their family doctor. Their memory complaints were dismissed because of their age – not the accident. Fortunately for Arnie and Jen, they came to ACE Clinics to get a second opinion.

Within four weeks of using our cutting-edge programs, Arnie and Jen both reported a remarkable improvement. They had turned the mental exercises we taught them into a kind of hobby they could enjoy together and practiced them every chance they could. By looking at it more as entertainment rather than exercise or therapy, Arnie and Jen made significant gains in a rather short amount of time.

As a result of using the techniques they had learned, Arnie and Jen both strongly believe that their memories today were as strong as what they had enjoyed when they were in their thirties.

“Very insightful and educational. Very indicative of the problem areas. Above all, very helpful.”  

Chioma Enweygwy

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