Stress Management Techniques and Treatment


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Stress Management with Core Integration Therapy from ACE Clinics


Many individuals experiencing cognitive difficulties also experience high levels of stress. This can be general stress because of current challenges one is experiencing, or could be stress associated with an injury or a cognitive impairment.

Stress management is very important for overall health and well being, but especially when it comes to improving cognitive performance. As a result, we are offering first-class therapies that include a variety of stress management techniques, biofeedback, heart rate variability technology and neuro-feedback tailored to your special needs.

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Individuals who come for stress management treatment in our clinic will typically experience a noticeable alleviation of stress within a few sessions. Overcoming stress issues can have a profound impact in other areas of your life, including work, overall health, relationships and your own personal goals.

We are also offering effective counselling for individuals who are experiencing behavioural and emotional difficulties. For more details, please call us at (in Canada) (416) 222-0004. Outside Canada, dial 011 1 (416) 222-0004. or request a consultation

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