Neurofeedback: How it Works

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Neurofeedback, also called EEG Biofeedback is a more advanced aspect of biofeedback. This technology measures the different types of brainwaves and their ratio in the brain. The brain produces a variety of waves that control the person’s different states of arousal:

Delta – sleep state

Theta – between sleep and awake, also a meditative state

Alpha – relaxed state

Beta1 – focused concentration

Beta2 – alert state

Beta3 – very alert, vigilant

Beta4 – Hyper vigilant

The ability to produce the right state, whenever it is necessary, is paramount to our health and well being, and Neurofeedback can train the brain to improve those waves that are either deficient or in excess. For instance, Fibromyalgia patients’ brains produce excessive amount of slow brain activity, which makes them feel even more tired. Low levels of Beta1 waves reduces their ability to focus clearly.

Neurofeedback has been successfully used to improve physical functions, emotional control, muscle tension, sensitivity in tender points, as well cognitive functions.

Our innovative approach of combining Neurofeedback with neuro-cognitive skills has produced more significant results. To read more about the benefits of this approach click here

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