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Background – What is Neuro-Cognitive Training?


Neuro-cognitive training is an advanced method to train the brain to perform cognitive tasks that require attention, focus, concentration and memory, both short-term and long-term. It also addresses difficulties with executive functions such as organization, planning, prioritizing, time management, behaviour/emotional control and more.

Neuro-cognitive training is required when a person is born with a condition that impairs his or her ability to concentrate, remember, and process information adequately. Most common ones include attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), dyslexia, Asperger Syndrome, as well as different learning disabilities, such as dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and central auditory processing disorder (CAPD).

Another category that requires neuro-cognitive training includes people who are injured, as a result of a stroke or an accident. Also for people who have lost some of their cognitive capacities because of aging or ongoing stress.


Treatment Options with Neuro-cognitive Training


Although medication is a common option, it has many drawbacks. Medication does not solve any problems permanently and the person is not learning anything in order to permanently improve the condition. Medication only works when taken, not even a day longer. It can only partially improve focus, but it does not enhance any specific cognitive skills. Thirdly, it is associated with numerous side effects, from mild ones such as lack of appetite, and difficulty sleeping to more severe ones such as hallucinations, heart attacks and stroke.

Can natural remedies work? Not fully. Such remedies can have a calming effect, sometimes protect the person from a further cognitive decline, but they cannot possibly correct neuro-cognitive patterns. To do that, a neuro-cognitive approach is needed.

How about brain games? These may be fun to play with, but they are not corrective. Attention deficit disorders require a remedial approach that only neuro-cognitive training can offer.


Neuro-cognitive Training Treats the Core Issues


Neuro-cognitive training is a comprehensive solution that does not cover up the symptoms but goes to the core of the problem, which is the neuro-cognitive foundation of the brain that enables proper processing of information on all levels. During the training process, the brain learns how to focus, concentrate, pay attention, and not only when things are interesting and exciting, but also when they are not, as long as the person needs to pay attention and concentrate on the topic. It enables a person to read any material, process it adequately and remember all the necessary details to be able to retrieve the information effectively when necessary. It also enables the person to listen to conversations and retain their content for future use.

Such cognitive processes are based on a number of core cognitive skills, which when developed and enhanced can dramatically improve one’s ability to process information effectively.

Attention deficit disorder and intelligence are two separate things. A person can be very smart; however, he/she may still have difficulties to process information properly. The purpose of neuro-cognitive therapy is to build a bridge between one’s true potential to one’s ability to apply their intelligence in everyday life.


Our Experience


Our clinic has over 15 years experience in treating individuals with cognitive impairments, and we are proud of our very high rate of success. Once assessed, we will point out specifically to what would be the most effective course of treatment to enable a person, whether a child or an adult, improve on all weak areas. Usually within a few months of training, the person will note initial improvement and with continued training, the progress consolidates and becomes second nature.

Thanks to modern technology, now most of the training can be done at home under our supervision and support with periodic follow-ups, to make sure that the person is on the right track.

You can also review here the list of cognitive skills as well as benefits associated with neuro-cognitive training


Expected Results


Most patients report noticeable improvement after 10 to 15 sessions. More sessions may be required to deepen the effect and also to make sure that the changes become permanent.


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