Mental Peak Performance

Peak Performance

Mental peak performance training isn’t just for superstar athletes or students. In fact, many people come to ACE Clinics for cognitive training to help with areas of their life and work that they’d like to improve on.

Common complaints we can help with include procrastination, disorganization, being “scatter-brained” or absent minded, forgetfulness and career “burnout”.

Imagine how much better you’ll feel when you’re permanently and completely mentally “renewed”. You approach things with a new-found gusto and tackle major projects and to-do’s that would ordinarily cause you to fall behind.

It’s possible no matter how old or young you are, and ordinary “smarts” don’t matter – just a desire to better your life is all you need.


Having a Sharp Focus is Crucial to Getting More Done, Becoming More Organized and More Accomplished


Having a well-trained brain isn’t just for people with ADD, ADHD, a learning disability or memory problems. Knowing the right answer, or how to react in the game can mean the difference between getting an A or scoring the winning shot.

Many people find that training at ACE Clinics helps them succeed not just in school or sports, but also in business, financial matters and other areas of their life where the ability to remember well, make logical decisions and act quickly depends on them.

People often come to us for help in other areas of their life as well. Organizing and prioritizing is a key feature of many on-the-go executives and employees alike. It’s a positive trait that factors heavily in both your work and personal life. The more you can avoid procrastination, stress and anxiety, the healthier and happier you’ll be!

Having a clear mental focus despite ongoing distractions is crucial to maintaining peak mental performance. No matter what stage of life you’re in and what you’re aiming for, the programs at ACE Clinics can help mentally prepare you to achieve your best. Click here to find out more about our assessments.


Martin’s Story


Martin was a counsellor who went through a period of burnout related to his profession. He took a year off and decided to work on improving his health. He started an exercise and meditation program and was referred to our clinic because of his forgetfulness, which everyone assumed was related to his stress.

Martin was particularly disturbed by his mental handicap. He explained that he could cope with all the other symptoms he was experiencing, but did not know how to deal with his loss of memory capacity.

We immediately started Martin on regular mental practice, which included exercises and techniques similar to those in our Home Programs that restore memory and concentration capacity. Martin responded almost instantly to the treatment. He was discharged six weeks later, with about 95% restoration of his cognitive ability.


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