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Your child works so hard at reading.  They struggle and struggle, but the process never becomes any easier – not like it is for the other kids.   They start to think that maybe they’re dumb or slow – but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The fact is, the simple act of reading involves a lot of steps in the brain.  First, the brain has to understand how letters form sounds and how those sounds flow together to form words.  With dyslexia, letters on a page may appear backward or all jumbled together.  They may be spaced in the wrong places or upside down.

As you might imagine, this is quite taxing for the brain, so it’s no wonder kids with dyslexia get frustrated quickly and may dislike reading. They may make a lot of mistakes when reading out loud, causing their peers to laugh at them or tease them.  But children with dyslexia can learn to read despite their challenges and can go on to be highly creative and successful.  Some of the brightest scientists and most famous celebrities are dyslexic – so it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Treatment Options


Usually, the first signs of dyslexia can be seen when the child enters pre-school or kindergarten and is just starting to read.  They may struggle to sound out words or know which letters make which sounds.  They may wonder why they’re being “singled out” in school to meet with a special reading teacher or tutor, but all of these things will help them tremendously over time.

It’s worth noting that dyslexia also has nothing to do with the eyes, and is instead more of an issue with “crossed wires” in the brain. Fortunately, seeing someone who specializes in dyslexia testing and treatments, such as the professionals at ACE Clinics in Toronto, can help “uncross” those wires through using a highly effective neuro-cognitive training program that will help re-train to rectify the brain ability to read, and process information more effectively.

Dyslexia test: Testing Dyslexia is not that simple. At the ACE clinics, we know how to identify the root causes of the problem, and we are one of the only clinics in Toronto and globally who offers a highly effective treatment program to resolve all or most of the issues related to dyslexia. See the following video testimonials to hear directly from our clients about the effectiveness of our programs. If you believe your child may suffer from Dyslexia and is struggling in school, now is the time to act to take steps on correcting the issue before they fall behind in school.


Isaac’s Testimonial

Henry’s Testimonial

If you or someone you love is affected by Dyslexia, it’s worth scheduling a consultation with ACE Clinics.  Our professionals specialize in assessment as well as non-prescription neuro-cognitive treatments, which can help to improve and restore optimal brain function.

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