Daniel's Testimonial

I am 24 year old and I came to the Ace Clinic with great hesitation.  My parents did some research and “suggested” that I go to the appointment they had made.  I had been to 3 other doctors for my ADHD and nothing was out there to help me other than drugs.  I started the programs at the Ace Clinic 8 months ago, (in September of 2014) and since then my brain and my life, have improved remarkably.  I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 20 (although I know I have had it most of my life) and I was unable to concentrate in school and just in life in general.

Now that I have completed 8 months of “brain” work at  the ACE Clinic I feel like a different person.  My frustration has subsided and I am able to hold down a responsible job that requires consistent concentration.  I also had to be trained and learn new things at work and I have done very well, according to my Manager.  He knows my situation and says he has noticed huge improvements in my ability to stay focused and remember details and procedures. The brain fog and brain noise that were constant before have lifted and I feel that I now have a clear head and I can focus.

The program from Ace Clinic has changed my life in a very positive way. I appreciate Bob and his tremendous help and I believe that he sincerely cares about me and my progress.  I am almost finished the program and I will miss my monthly sessions with him.

I was a skeptical in the beginning because I couldn’t imagine that anyone or anything could “fix” me.  Bob assured me that it didn’t matter if I believed in the program or not, as long as I followed his instructions and he was right. Now I’m happy to say: I’m “fixed”.

I recommend taking his advice and if he says he can help you and you follow his instructions, it will work and you will get results and great feelings of accomplishment and even happiness in your life.

– Daniel Clark, Toronto


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