Adult ADHD Symptoms Quiz Results

Adult ADHD Symptoms Quiz Result: Moderate

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We have received your symptom questionnaire submission.  Kindly note that these results are not intended to establish a clinical diagnosis, only to give you an idea of the level and intensity of the difficulties that you are experiencing.

We are offering a 6-step assessment that will enable us to accurately identify the specific difficulties related to your condition. Once identified, we will point out to solutions that can help you overcome these difficulties.

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Here are Your Results

It seems that you are experiencing a moderate level of symptoms. These difficulties may be interfering with your life whenever consistent focus and information processing are involved, and when motivation, organization, planning and prioritizing are needed. Typically, people who experience this level of symptoms are aware of how these deficiencies interfere with their lives, either at home, academically or at work. Resolving these deficiencies will help you maximize your abilities in terms of concentration, information processing and cognitive performance , and achieve your true potential. It will also help in reducing stress, frustration and anxiety and will improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Disclaimer: This assessment is not intended to establish a clinical diagnosis, only to give you a general idea of the level of difficulties that you are currently experiencing.

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