10 Ways to Keep Your Brain in Great Shape

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Keeping your brain in good shape is obviously very important for your health. You will flourish to the extent that you nourish and stimulate yourself on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The following activities are just a few of those with the power to improve the strength, flexibility and balance of your brain.

You will notice that a lot of the points here are designed to challenge your brain. When the brain keeps doing the same things over and over, it loses some of its flexibility. Regularly challenging the brain by introducing new habits, new skills, new approaches and new interests take advantage of the brain’s amazing flexibility or what scientists now call “neuroplasticity” to keep itself in good shape.

Let’s look at some of these powerful ways to accomplish that:

1. Improve your stress management skills. Practice relaxation techniques (such as deep breathing, progressive relaxation, yoga, tai-chi), practice patience.

2. Make sure that you regularly get good, restorative sleep (typically 7-8 hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep).

3. Change some of your habits and daily routines. ( take a different route to work, occasionally use your non-dominant hand, visit new places, meet new people, cook different dishes).

4. Keep stimulating your mind: play chess, bridge, read books (fiction and non-fiction), do puzzles, crosswords, write poetry, learn a new language.

5. Keep physically active: exercise, walk, bike, dance, play ball.

6. Feed your brain with fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, berries and seeds.

7. Learn new skills and hobbies. (take painting lessons, learn to play a musical instrument).

8. Meditate, pray, socialize.

9. Maintain a positive mental attitude despite your difficulties. Appreciate what you have as opposed to complain about what you don’t have, learn to let go and forgive,

10. Laugh a lot, have fun, be playful

Copyright (c) Bob Gottfried, PhD. Taken from “The Revolutionary Memory Course: Dramatically Improve your Memory & Concentration in 6 weeks or less!

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