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ADHD & LD Testing and Treatment in Toronto

Advanced Cognitive Enhancement (ACE) clinic is a reputable ADHD clinic in Toronto, specializing in assessing, testing and treating children and adults suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning disabilities such as dyslexia, central auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, visual processing disorder, dysgraphia, Asperger’s and more.

We have been doing this important work for over 25 years and have successfully treated thousands of individuals, both children and adults.



Specialized Assessments

We offer a comprehensive assessment that includes a specialized EEG and neuro-cognitive testing to identify focus, concentration, attention, memory and learning-related difficulties.  This unique 6-step process will identify your (or your child’s) major weak cognitive areas and make recommendations for improvement. Read more…

“Assessed with a significant level of detail as to what her learning challenges are and how the program can help my daughter.” Deline Comeau

“Great! Very interesting. As a parent, I feel a huge sense of relief and (even better) hope.” Sandra Muscat

I’m so appreciative of gaining clarity over so many of my suspected difficulties and their causes. It’s a relief to meet a professional who understands what I am going through!! And the treatment offers hope!

Beverly Bhannngi

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There are alternative treatments for ADHD and LD without the need for medication.  Learn how ACE clinics’ innovative technology can help in successfully treating the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. Read more…

Innovative Treatments

We offer effective neuro-cognitive training programs and treatments.  These programs can be done one-on-one at the clinic or at home, using your own computer under our supervision.  Thousands of individuals, both adults and children, have successfully completed our programs, experiencing progress on all levels of cognitive function. Read more…


Take our free ADHD symptoms quiz to find out how severe your symptoms are. Learn whether or not the symptoms of ADHD could be interfering with your daily activities, or your child’s ability to learn.  As an innovative clinic in Toronto specializing in testing and treating ADHD, we are aware of the fact that at times you just want to get an idea about ongoing symptoms. Take the quiz…

Why we consistently receive 5 star reviews by our clients.5 star

10 reasons to choose ACEclinics

Hundreds of Testimonials Prove It – Our Advanced, Patented Approach Works!

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10 reasons to choose ACEclinics

April 16, 2015. An investigation by CBC’s Marketplace reveals that brain training games may not make your brain perform better in everyday life. We have been asserting the same for many years. While these games are fun, they do not help in re-writing the brain as required for individuals with ADD/ADHD/LD and so on.  Our patented training program is a heavy duty, clinically proven program that can help in dramatically improving all aspects of the cognitive process, and a lot more. It can be used by both adults and kids (age 6 and up).

April 23, 2015 Did you know that our neuro-cognitive training programs improve academic performance on levels without any additional studying? Please call us to find out why and how. For instance, Justin, a grade 6 child who was quite behind in math received his first “A” after only 4 months of training, and this was just the beginning. Here is what his mom had to say about his progress:

May 14, 2015 We are often asked what our approach is for resolving Dyspraxia (a condition affecting fine/gross motor skills as well as processing, focus and more). We have a combined approach that focuses on every level of the problem, but on the most core level. Our clients experience significant improvement within 3 months or less. Watch Ariana’s as well as Simon’s testimonials here:

June 4, 2015 A mother whose child’s math skills improved significantly after doing our program , asked us how our program does that without ever doing not even one math exercise. Well, math requires certain cognitive patterns and skills to come together. When they don’t – a child (or adult) may have problem computing math properly. When severe, this condition is labeled dyscalculia. Our program improves these neuro-cognitive connections at the core, which in turn enables a person to do math with great ease. One such university student who failed math all her life went from fail to A’s after being on our program for only 5 months. See her testimonial here:

June 18, 2015 People frequently ask us: “will the changes achieved on the program be permanent? The answer is yes. You will be enhancing and developing different neuro-cognitive skills and after certain period of training, just like learning how to ride a bike or swim, these skills become second nature, and the brain will never forget or lose them.

June 25, 2015 Congratulation Theo on reading your first Chapter book! Theo is a grade 3 student with many learning difficulties. Our training program has enabled him to dramatically improve his focus, his processing and reading abilities, without us ever teaching him how to read or learn. As we always say: when the processing part of the brain is working well, everything falls into place.

July 2, 2015 Is EEG testing safe? Absolutely! We use this part of the assessment to determine how well the frontal cortex is functioning (the frontal lobes are responsible for attention, focus, concentration, executive function, emotional and impulse control). The test is completely non-invasive.

July 21, 2015  We added a new article about ADHD, parenting and stress by Bob Gottfried, PhD our clinical director. You can read it by clicking here.

August 11, 2015 Do you worry your mind is losing its edge? Four cognitive functions to monitor and how to keep them sharp. Click here to read the article.

August 21. 2015  What is memory? How does it  affect learning? How is it affected by stress and aging? Read more here.

September 14, 2015 Is there a relationship between attention deficit disorder and anxiety? Yes, individuals suffering from ADHD tend to be significantly more prone to suffer from anxiety. This has to do with how their brain is wired and how they compensate for their deficiencies. Neuro-cognitive training combined with biofeedback and additional mental techniques taught at the clinic can not just reduce symptoms of anxiety, but completely eliminate it.

September 24, 2015 Those interested in viewing post assessment reviews can find it here: client-reviews-post-assessment

October 26, 2015 Many parents are surprised that within a few months of training on our programs, their children show improved signs of maturity. The reason for that has to do with improved functioning of the frontal lobes. Not only do the frontal region of the brain responsible for attention, focus, concentration and executive functions, it is also directly connected to maturity. As a result of the training program the frontal cortex functions better, and this results in a child that was considered immature, become more responsible and more reliable in terms of completing important tasks. Just one of the many side benefits of training with our advanced neuro-cognitive training program.

December 10, 2015  We are regularly asked if we treat children on the autistic spectrum (autism, Asperger’s). The answer is yes, and we in fact get great results, however the child has to be highly functional i.e. needs to understand and follow basic instructions.

JANUARY 18, 2016

Not only is Alzheimer’s disease the sixth leading cause of death in the US, but it also currently cannot be prevented, cured or slowed. With the U.S. population aging, it is estimated that by 2025, the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s will surpass 7 million. By 2050, the number could reach 16 million. Read the complete article here: understanding-Alzheimer’s-disease

May 19, 2016

A new Danish study has confirmed that there is truth to the claim by parents of children with ADHD that their children have more difficulty falling asleep and that they sleep more poorly than other children.

August 5, 2016

New research led by scientists from King’s College London and the University of Bristol has found that a high-fat, high-sugar diet during pregnancy may be linked to symptoms of inattention and misbehaviour  in children who show conduct problems early in life.

September 9, 2016

A new Swedish study looking at 18,000 twin pairs aged between 20-46 years, confirms the  strong hereditary roots of ADHD. The study also pointed out to a strong connection between dependency disorder, alcoholism as well as binge eating, and ADHD.