Client Spotlights



Jeriah, a grade 4 student was diagnosed with ADHD when he was younger. He had significant focusing difficulties, very forgetful, couldn’t follow instructions,  and was unable to sit still in class He got easily frustrated and often got into fights in school. Within a few months of doing the training he became calmer and more focused. He also became more responsible and started doing homework without the need for nagging or help. He became confident and patient and in addition his sleep significantly improved.



Ariana started the program when she was in grade 8. She suffered from poor concertation and memory and was very clumsy In grade 9 she found school a lot easier because she was able to concentrate, pay attention in school and process information easily. She stopped being so clumsy and became much calmer, and her depression and anxiety went significantly down. She became more  social and more content with her life.



Christopher, a grade 7 child, was almost four years behind on his academics before starting our program. He was able to erase this gap within 8 months. Even his teachers were shocked with his progress. His parents tried numerous different programs before coming to us. Our program was able to train his brain to process all types of information effectively, which resulted in better focus, better memory, and overall significant improvement in his processing abilities and executive functioning.

Dominique & Tristan


Dominique – a high school student and her brother Tristan – a university student completed our training program successfully. Dominique suffered from anxiety and processing issues.

It included lack of focus and problems with retention and processing. She also suffered from severe migraine headaches that no doctor could find a cure for. Within 3 months her headaches were completely gone and she became much calmer. She was able to focus and process information more effectively. She went from fail in math to A in just 5 months of training (NOTE: we do not teach math or English at the clinic but once the brain works properly all aspects of processing including language and math improve accordingly.) Tristan was also struggling in university. He failed his main course (Chemistry) and after doing the program he passed it with effortlessly. His focus, memory  and processing abilities improved significantly.

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