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Who We Are

Our clinic was established over 20 yeas ago in Toronto, Canada, to provide assessment and treatment of a wide spectrum of cognitive disorders.

Based on advanced principles of neuroplasticity, our innovative (patented) technology has been implemented in top neuro-cognitive treatment programs available to anyone needing help with improving attention, focus, concentration, memory and learning.  We continuously invest in research and development to be able to offer the most advanced approaches and services in this field, in order to improve every aspect of human cognitive function.

We our proud to offer one of the highest rates of success in this field, and the numerous testimonials found on our website, representing thousands of successful cases, are the ultimate proof of that.

Bob Gottfried, Ph.D., our clinical director, is an experienced therapist specializing in neuro-cognitive training and rehabilitation. He has spent close to 30 years helping cognitively impaired individuals experiencing attention deficits, learning and memory disorders related to aging, stress, stroke, head/brain injuries, anxiety and depression – improve their cognitive abilities. He is a true pioneer in this field, who developed cutting edge programs that have helped both children and adults resolve life long problems related to the above-mentioned difficulties.

Professional endorsements for our clinic and clinical director


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Clinic location:

148 Finch Ave. West

Toronto (North York), ON, Canada

Tel: 416 222 0004

Fax: 416 2222 0020



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