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Conditions We Treat

Advanced Cognitive Enhancement (ACE) clinic is a reputable ADHD clinic in Toronto, specializing in treating children and adults suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning disabilities.

These learning disabilities include:

  • ADHD- attention deficit hyperactive disorder
  • Central auditory processing disorder – difficulty processing auditory information
  • Dyscalculia – difficulties with math
  • Dyspraxia – difficulties with fine motor skills
  • Visual processing disorder – difficulty processing visual information
  • Dysgraphia – difficulties with writing
  • Dyslexia – difficulty processing language

Other related conditions

We also treat head/brain injury, concussions and stroke related cognitive impairments.

We have been doing this important work for over 20 years and successfully treated thousands of individuals, both children and adults. Our revolutionary neuro-cognitive approach can bring about significant- measurable results in all of the above conditions.

Our patients consistently report elevated levels of focus, concentration, memory and cognitive functioning. While everyone is different – a consultation with our clinician can help us determine the extent of the problem and the type of treatment that can benefit.

Our rate of success is very high, please view a few of the many videotaped testimonials here.