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Client Reviews (Post Assessment)

The following are reviews from individuals who went through our unique neuro-cognitive assessment:

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 294 reviews
by Ideen Sherkat on ACEclinics

Was a great experience, educationally.

by Rhys Gormley on ACEclinics

Very professional and informative.

by Christina Rakitzis on ACEclinics

It was amazing - first time in a while I felt as if there was hope for fixing what I have. Most people including my family didn't believe me - it felt very real.

by Karma Ragab on ACEclinics

The assessment was very informative. Thank you.

by Troy Pinkney on ACEclinics

I thought it was good and interesting. Taught me a lot about myself.

by Beverly Bhaangi on ACEclinics

I'm so appreciative of gaining clarity over so many of my suspected difficulties and their causes. It's a relief to meet a professional who understands what I am going through!! And the treatment offers hope!

by Dione Baptiste on ACEclinics

It was interesting, provided insight into my daughter's areas of struggle, didn't take too long.

by Safeena Abbas on ACEclinics

It was informative, well explained.

by Lorena Sgro on ACEclinics

Very interesting and helpful. An eye opener to understand what needs to be improved.

by Chana Mayer on ACEclinics

Interesting, painless

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