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Client Reviews (Post Assessment)

The following are reviews from individuals who went through our unique neuro-cognitive assessment:

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 464 reviews
by Hamid Dehvan on ACEclinics
For A 7 Year Old

It was a great session with lots of good feedback and brought me lots of hope.

by Nancy Cellucci on ACEclinics
For An 8 Year Old

Very informative and eye-opening.

by J. Howard on ACEclinics
For A 7 Year Old

Wonderful and very informative. My daughter was at ease and very engaged. She even seemed calm at the end. Bob's assessment was detailed but to the point.

by Melanie Valetin on ACEclinics
For an Adult

It was very helpful and informative on what I am experiencing right now with my brain health. It helped me understand myself and how to cope with my attention struggles.

by Kevin Davis on ACEclinics
A 42 Year Old


by Nigel on ACEclinics
A 62 Year Old

Good and well grounded. Informative. Reassuring.

by Shayan Karimkhani on ACEclinics
For a 16 Year Old

It was interesting and confirmed the stuff we go through daily and the reason why it's happening.

by Joseph Brookman on ACEclinics
For A 9 Year Old

Clear and concise - makes sense.

by Angela Ramas on ACEclinics
For A 14 Year Old

Thorough, great, positive, and informative.

by Hillary Wilkerson on ACEclinics
For A 14 Year Old

Thorough and interesting. Lots of interaction and feedback. Enlightening.

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