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Client Reviews (Post Assessment)

The following are reviews from individuals who went through our unique neuro-cognitive assessment:

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 258 reviews
by Keon Marshall on ACEclinics

Helpful. Was able to identify and confirm some of the issues that are concerning with Keon.

by Samantha Schieman on ACEclinics

it was very interesting and informative.

by Joseph Daoud on ACEclinics

Very good.

by Ryan Gaffney on ACEclinics

I thought this assessment was very eye opening because it confirmed many things I knew but now it taught me the physiological reasoning for it.

by Robert Dalnoki on ACEclinics

Excellent assesment. Very comprehensive.

by Nuash Badruzzaman on ACEclinics

Good assessment!

by Diane Lee on ACEclinics

I found the assessment to be very through and the clinician to be extremely knowledgeable. I was referred by a friend whose child was treated at the clinic with amazing success.I have been suffering from ADHD for over 30 years and decided that enough is enough. I am actually starting the program and if I get 50% benefit of what I have seen in my friend's child, it will already be worth it. I wish I did this assessment when I was yoounger.

by Ron Heller on ACEclinics

Exceeded our expectations. This was a comprehensive and enlightening consultation. We learned a lot about our child's brain and how we can help him overcome his ADHD-related symptoms. The clinician who conducted the assessment (Bob Gottfried) has tremndous knowledge and experience. Highly recommended. We are looking forward to starting the treatment.

by Cole Rosen on ACEclinics

Absolutely a mind altering experience! Comprehensive and accurate. I now know exactly what I am dealing with and what needs to happen for me to finally overcome a lifelong struggle with ADHD.

by Jose Lynch on ACEclinics

It was very educational. I feel hopeful about starting treatment.

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