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Client Reviews (Post Assessment)

The following are reviews from individuals who went through our unique neuro-cognitive assessment:

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 304 reviews
by Sabina Terpstra on ACEclinics

Very comprehensive and detailed. It identified all the issues experienced by my son.

by Stephen David on ACEclinics

INFORMATIVE, EDUCATIONAL, ENGAGING! Bob Gottfried confirmed what I was always thinking and feeling. It is great to have a pathway in place that will move me forward toward my goals.

by Tracey Ha on ACEclinics

It was amazing. I can't wait to start the training.

by Adrian Redzepovic on ACEclinics

Interesting, educational

by Kathy Gill on ACEclinics

Validated my belief that my "wiring" was cut. Can reduce a lot of my stress I put on myself for not being able to accomplish things I set out to do.

by Mrs Goldblatt on ACEclinics

I was pleased with it as it accurately described Ethan.

by Sylvia Prowse on ACEclinics

Very Informative. Interesting. Excited to get started.

by Idorenyin Udoeyop on ACEclinics

Bob Gottfried gave information that was very useful to understand my deficits and the specifics that need improvement. Very good! Thankful that I came.

by R. Shram on ACEclinics

Very thorough content. Very detailed explanation.

by Rita Kumar on ACEclinics

Very very grateful, I feel like Bob Gottfried got to the core of whatever neuro-cognitive deficits I have, and explained in detail where those deficits are, and how they are affecting me in daily life, rather than dismissing it as a symptom of depression/anxiety, or not "applying myself".

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