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Client Reviews (Post Assessment)

The following are reviews from individuals who went through our unique neuro-cognitive assessment:

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 472 reviews
by Sophie Will on ACEclinics
A 25 Year Old

Thorough, in-depth yet simplified. Understanding and empathetic and thoroughly explained the outcomes, findings, and context. Educational and informative with presenting solutions and next steps.

by Genevieve Dennis on ACEclinics
For A 34 Year Old

I really liked it but it was a bit tiring.

by S. Micevski on ACEclinics
For A 9 Year Old

I think it was a mind opening experience. Very good explanation from the clinician.

by Edson Leite on ACEclinics
For A 7 Year Old

Very informative with clear directions.

by Hamza Yusuf on ACEclinics
For A 28 Year Old

It was informative. I learned things about myself that I did not know.

by Cheryl Nelson Singh on ACEclinics
For a 6 Year Old

Very professional. Very welcoming.

by M. Makrechi on ACEclinics
For A 9 Year Old

The program seems very productive.

by Lina Brandao on ACEclinics
For A 7 Year Old

Very interesting to observe the tools used to assess our son.

by Hamid Dehvan on ACEclinics
For A 7 Year Old

It was a great session with lots of good feedback and brought me lots of hope.

by Nancy Cellucci on ACEclinics
For An 8 Year Old

Very informative and eye-opening.

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