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Client Reviews (Post Assessment)

The following are reviews from individuals who went through our unique neuro-cognitive assessment:

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 365 reviews
by Joanne Joseph on ACEclinics
An Adult

I thought the assessment was thorough and quite fascinating. I am excited to start the program. I am walking away with a huge amount of hope!

by Emilio Joseph-Perez on ACEclinics
A 20 Year Old

Changed my whole perspective on who I am, and who I can be.

by Mustafa Shaban on ACEclinics
A 27 Year Old

Very helpful and enlightening.

by Stephanie Keogh on ACEclinics
A 22 Year Old

I really learned a lot and it has helped me finally understand what has been "happening" to me my whole life. Now I know how to treat myself to help me function better on a day-to-day basis.

by Michelle Coates on ACEclinics
For An 11 Year Old

Very thorough. Fun for children! Enjoyed

by Zafar Khawaja on ACEclinics
For A 12 Year Old

It was very informative and helpful. We will enroll in the program.

by Rizwana Akram on ACEclinics
For A 13 Year Old

It was helpful to understand the testing in the post-assessment reporting.

by Kristin Dodd on ACEclinics
A 37 Year Old

Simple and provided valuable information that I'll be able to use to use to better myself.

by Brett McWatters on ACEclinics
A 16 Year Old

Interesting and accurate.

by Christopher Chapheau on ACEclinics
A 33 Year Old

Thorough, fascinating, and enlightening. A genuinely enjoyable experience.

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