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Client Reviews (Post Assessment)

The following are reviews from individuals who went through our unique neuro-cognitive assessment:

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 461 reviews
by Melanie Valetin on ACEclinics
For an Adult

It was very helpful and informative on what I am experiencing right now with my brain health. It helped me understand myself and how to cope with my attention struggles.

by Kevin Davis on ACEclinics
A 42 Year Old


by Nigel on ACEclinics
A 62 Year Old

Good and well grounded. Informative. Reassuring.

by Shayan Karimkhani on ACEclinics
For a 16 Year Old

It was interesting and confirmed the stuff we go through daily and the reason why it's happening.

by Joseph Brookman on ACEclinics
For A 9 Year Old

Clear and concise - makes sense.

by Angela Ramas on ACEclinics
For A 14 Year Old

Thorough, great, positive, and informative.

by Hillary Wilkerson on ACEclinics
For A 14 Year Old

Thorough and interesting. Lots of interaction and feedback. Enlightening.

by J. Sedgewick on ACEclinics
For A 14 Year Old

It was comprehensive and accepting of individual difficulties and tolerance for the exercises.

by Alex Wilson on ACEclinics
A 32 Year Old

I found the test very interesting and the clinician's insights very informative.

by Ingrid Fung on ACEclinics
A 28 Year Old

Very thorough and insightful. Validated my concerns.

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