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Audrey’s Testimonial

I had a brain surgery in 2001 to remove a benign cyst in the third ventricle of my brain. I did not know one has a third ventricle! Unfortunately, I suffered a seizure 3 months after surgery on the first day I worked a full 7 hour shift. I was devastated after recovering so well from the surgery. I felt that my brain was really not working well and that it showed visibly to others. I was afraid they would not take me seriously due to my compromised brain ability.

Losing my driver’s license was another blow to my self esteem as I was now reliant on someone giving me a ride to work or taking the bus. Bob had helped my daughter before when she had had a traffic accident and I had spoken to him a few times about her erratic behaviour after the accident. I recognized that I needed some therapy and felt comfortable dealing with a someone I knew at that point.

I Found him very personable and easy to talk to. He made me relax, worked with me on using focusing and memory training on a computer which helped me to focus and improve my cognitive skills. I also regained confidence that my brain still worked! and that I was still capable of doing my job as a library assistant. There were many days when I felt as though I was walking in a fog. Bob had me wear a cap with sensors to clear’ the foggy brain. What a difference that made and a relief too!

He used biofeedback and neurofeedback long before most people had heard of it to identify what was going on with my brain and nervous system in general. I have referred some acquaintances and friends to Bob over the past years and would unreservedly suggest that anyone with similar issues consult with him.

Audrey Nichols

Mississauga, ON, Canada.