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Treating adult ADHD:  You can now improve your memory, reduce stress, increase productivity and think clearer with our personalized cognitive training.   This training will help you relieve ADD and ADHD symptoms and improve the ability to process information, in general.

  • Are you having trouble concentrating on a job?
  • Are you finding it difficult to pay attention?
  • Just finished reading an article and cannot remember anything about it?
  • Do you find yourself to be disorganized?
  • Do you have problems with decision making, prioritizing?
  • Do procrastinate regularly?

You don’t have to live with these kinds of problems!  At ACE clinics, we offer specialized neuro-cognitive treatment that will help you improve and retrain your brain to remember and focus easily and Naturally – just the way it really should be.

Based on our specialized EEG and neuro-cognitive assessment, we will be able to identify your specific areas of weakness on a neuro-cognitive level, and then tailor a program that will help you overcome them.  This can be done one-on-one at the clinic, or at home with your own computer under our supervision.  This is a very cost-effective way to save you time and money. During follow-up sessions (typically once a month) we will analyze the reports generated by the program and work with you on weak areas to further guide you.  Within a few weeks you will begin to notice results, and within 3 to 6 months, you will complete the program with dramatic improvements in all areas of difficulty.

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