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What Are ADD, ADHD and LD?

If You or Your Child Has Been Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or You Suspect They May Have an Attention Deficit Problem, Taking Steps Now Can Help Them Learn Better and Thrive Well Into Adulthood.

Although not fully understood, ADD and ADHD are considered neurological conditions that are due to an imbalance in brain wiring and activity.

What does this mean for you? Well, considering that ADD and ADHD affect between 6-8% of children and 4-6% of adults, this condition is much more common than you might think.

The most common treatment for ADD and ADHD is the use of medication such as Ritalin, Strattera, Adderall and more. While medications do help in improving brainwave activity (which cause common ADD/ADHD complaints like inattentiveness, daydreaming and fidgeting in children, or procrastination, disorganization and lack of focus and clarity in adults), they may also induce harmful side effects. In addition, medication must be taken continuously for the brain to function optimally. As soon as you stop taking it the benefits disappear.

ADD and ADHD Treatment and Learning Disabilities – Why spend your entire life dependent on medication?

Although you should not stop any medication you are already on without the consent of your doctor, there are alternative ADD and ADHD solutions such as those used at ACE Clinics. Using our cutting-edge programs and technologies, your brain learns to produce more of the frequencies associated with good concentration and enhance cognitive skills to develop solid attentiveness and clear focus.

Since we concentrate in numerous ways – whether it’s our full attention on one task or switching continuously between different tasks while filtering out background noise or distractions, you need a multi-faceted solution that approaches the many different ways of “how” you think and focus.

The programs at ACE Clinics were developed by clinicians and are endorsed by medical professionals for their proven ability to help the brain better regulate itself and repair cognitive deficiencies like ADD and ADHD.

Our treatments are non-invasive and are free of side effects. In fact, a recent study showed that our techniques involving neurofeedback combined with cognitive training, was successful in long-term treatment of ADD and ADHD. In the study, 100 ADHD children ages 6-19 were monitored for a year. All of the children received parental counselling, academic help and the drug Ritalin®. Half of them received neuro-feedback training as well.

After one year, all children showed an improvement in their ability to concentrate and pay attention. However, the children who stopped taking Ritalin® and did not get Neurofeedback rapidly lost any gains they had made. Those who stopped taking Ritalin® and were involved in Neurofeedback training kept the gains they had made even a year later.

What About Adult ADD?

Adult ADD/ADHD can mask itself as feelings of anxiety, depression, “burnout” and procrastination. An adult with ADD or ADHD finds it hard to control their impulsive behavior, pay attention and keep their emotions in-check. Adults with ADD/ADHD may also experience difficulties with executive functions such as organizing, prioritizing and decision making, which may significantly compromise their productivity at work and home.

If this sounds like you, you may be struggling with Adult ADD or ADHD. Rather than being the pent-up ball of energy we associate with hyperactive children, ADD in adults can seriously disrupt your social life, job performance and everyday activities.

The neuro-cognitive program offered at ACE Clinics has been specially designed to help both children and adults learn to activate the brainwave patterns and improve cognitive skills that are crucial for developing self-control, emotional awareness and a state of calm and patience. You can even practice in the comfort and privacy of your own home with our specialized home software programs.

By training just minutes a day, you’ll start to see initial results in just weeks – not months or years. You’ll find it easier to pay attention, you’ll get more done and you’ll start having meaningful relationships without impulsively interrupting people, make decision with ease, become better organized and finally achieve more peace of mind. And won’t that feel great?

What About Learning Disabilities?

Attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit with hyperactivity (ADHD), and learning disability (LD), long treated as behavioural problems, are actually neurological disorders.

With ADD/ADHD, the brain simply does not produce the kinds of brainwave patterns that can support sustained attention. Kids and adults who have the condition find it difficult to follow a conversation, read a book, or concentrate in class or in a meeting. Frustrated, they may become irritable and impatient.

Learning disabilities prevent the brain from properly organizing information so that it can be readily retrieved, or remembered–something like a computer that’s never been defragmented. Kids and adults with LD do not lack intelligence, but they may come to believe they’re stupid or lazy.

ADD/ADHD and LD can all have a devastating effect on self esteem. Using the programs at ACE Clinics, you can help permanently repair and restore the brain’s natural ability to focus, concentrate and stay alert when necessary – all without medication and the harmful side effects it can bring.

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