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About the Consultation

Comprehensive Assessment


The initial consultation is very important for assessing your specific difficulties. We will identify your (or your child’s) major weak cognitive areas and make recommendations for improvement.

Our comprehensive consultation includes 6 steps:

1. The first step is to complete the intake forms. These forms will tell us more about you and your condition. They will help in pointing out problematic areas related to your (or your child’s) difficulties.

2. The second step is a thorough interview where we get to hear from you about the problems you are currently experiencing and how they’re affecting your everyday life. If we are assessing a child, the parents will be part of the interview so that we can more fully understand the difficulties and make recommendations accordingly.

3. The third step is a specialized EEG assessment. This is a computerized, very safe, test that will measure the brain’s ability (particularly in the frontal lobe) to concentrate and process information effectively.

4. The fourth step is the neuro-cognitive assessment. This is where we further test concentration skills such as visual processing, auditory processing (listening), divided attention, speed of processing, inhibition control as well as memory and information processing. The purpose here is not to diagnose, but rather to specifically identify areas of cognitive skills than need strengthening.

5. The fifth step is to determine how easy or difficult it will be to train you to make changes (based on principles of neuroplasticity). We will use this information to recommend the best treatment approach for you or your child.

5. The sixth and last step includes summary and recommendations. You will receive all the necessary information needed to make a decision about your (or your child’s) course of treatment.

Our patients report dramatic improvement of attention, concentration, memory and information processing, and reduction in symptoms associated with attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder and learning disabilities (ADD, ADHD, LD), when following our recommendations.

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Note: Our services are not covered by OHIP. The cost for the consultation is $395 plus HST. We accept cash, debit or credit cards (Visa, Amex and MasterCard).

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