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10 reasons to choose ACEclinics

1. Our assessment will very accurately point out areas of cognitive weaknesses, then determine the best approach to resolve the problems.

2. We offer one of the most technologically advanced assessments in the field. In fact, 90% of people assessed by us rated the assessment process as “significantly exceeded my expectations” (5 stars) and 10% rated it as “exceeded my expectations.” (4 stars). See the most recent reviews here.

3. Our assessment and programs are not covered by OHIP, but they are significantly more comprehensive. We treat the cause not the symptoms!

4. We treat both children (6 years and older) and adults. We allow parents (for children) and spouse/siblings (for adults) to watch the entire assessment process because it is such an educational process.

5. While coaching, counseling, psychotherapy, meditation, yoga and similar can, at times, be helpful, only an extensive neuro-cognitive approach, such as the one used at our clinic, can resolve the neurology associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities (LD).

6. We do not use medication or supplements. In fact, our program can help those taking medication to reduce, even eliminate the need for medication. There is no supplement in existence that can re-wire the brain. Our programs do (when needed).

7. ADHD/LD/CAPD/Dyslexia/Asperger syndrome and similar are neuro-cognitive disorders, therefore only a comprehensive neuro-cognitive approach, such as the one used at our clinic, can solve the difficulties associated with these conditions. Unlike any other programs that work from the outside in, our patented, revolutionary programs work from the inside out thus solving the problem at the core and permanently.

8. Our programs have proven to produce remarkable improvement when treating attention/learning/language and memory disorders. There are many programs, brain games and similar in the market. Our programs are not only the most comprehensive, but they “know” how to teach the brain to transfer the skills from the training to everyday life (classroom, work, etc). We do not know of any other program that can do that.

9. Most of our programs can be done at home, under our supervision with periodical follow-ups at the clinic. For individuals out of the province or country, follow-ups are done via phone or Skype.

10. We offer one of the highest rate of success in this field. Our programs change lives! Please see more detailed video testimonials on this website to get a good idea of what our programs can do for you and/or for your child.

 S5 staree why clients consistently rate our programs 5 stars: post assessment reviews here:

I will be forever grateful to Bob Gottfried and the ACEclinics for everything that he’s done for me and for my daughter.  He truly changed our lives

I brought my daughter to the ACEclinics over 2 ½ years ago because she was in second-year university and failing in almost every class.  She was averaging 30% in her classes and completely blanking on her exams.  After working with Bob Gottfried, she started doing better at school & in the end, was getting A’s in most of her classes. She went on to receive a BA in Psychology and is now in a Masters Degree program.  Yesterday,  the same little girl who struggled so much to learn just about anything told me with all the confidence in the world that she intends to have Dr. in front of her name one day.  It is with tears in my eyes that I write this because there was a time when that was so remote a possibility that neither of us would have considered it & now I know it will one day be a reality.

In addition, at the time my daughter was being assessed, I sat behind her and noticed that I was also having problems in the same areas.  So I too went through the ACEclinics program.  To say that I have been transformed is an understatement.  I used to fade into the background in meetings because I was afraid that if I spoke up, it would be obvious that I didn’t always grasp what was being discussed.  After working with Bob Gottfried and going through his program for a year, the difference in my learning, understanding and confidence is incredible.  Not only do I pick things up quickly & remember what has been discussed but I am now very comfortable when called upon to take the lead.  I am definitely calmer, more rational and make better decisions.

I will be forever grateful to Bob Gottfried and the ACEclinics for everything that he’s done for me and for my daughter.  He truly changed our lives.

Susan Ss Toronto

You can watch Susan’s videotaped testimonial in the testimonial section of the website.